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Assisted Living

Our 26-bed assisted living unit offers the comfort of providing the care and comfort to your loved one when they just need to added extra assistance but yet not needing a long term care bed. Our Assisted Living Unit is staffed with a Assisted Living Manager who is a RN, while most Assisted Living Facilities utilize Registered Medication Aides to pass resident medications the Brian Center Assisted Living employs Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to provide this service along with continually assessing the resident to ensure we are meeting his or her needs at all times. We have well-trained nursing assistants who assist as well in the resident’s activities of daily living. The ALF unit is a more affordable way to providing 24-hour care to your loved one, the base rate is $83.00 per day compared to paying private sitters around the clock typically runs on average around $240.00 per day.

Additionally, residents residing on the ALF unit receive a variety of different programs to promote their overall quality of life and independence including but not limited to: activities program that is designed around patient choices and recommendations, a dietician who visits the facility weekly to better manage the overall nutritional programs, access to the a team of qualified therapy staff and use of the state-of-the-art rehab gym.

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